Whether you book your airline tickets online, by phone, or through a travel agent, it is always a good idea to check your reservations before the day of departure. When you check your flights, you can choose your seats, purchase meals, and make requests for any special accommodations you might need. Try to verify your flight information beforehand, make any special requests, and be prepared to check-in the day of travel.

1. Visit the airline website to check in and confirm details.

Navigate online to the airline website, or click the “Register” button on the confirmation email that the airline sent you when you booked your flight. Once you navigate the check-in menus, you should see your flight information, including the number of travelers, departure and arrival times and cities.

Even if you initially booked your flight through a travel company (such as Expedia or Priceline), you should still register for your flight through the airline website. You may be able to confirm flight details through the travel company website, but you’ll need to check in to the flight and purchase special requests through the airline site.

2. Check your boarding information.

At this point, you can also view your boarding pass, and find out your seat assignment and boarding zone. If you do not have your reservation number, you might be able to find your boarding information using your flight number and your last name. Check the e-mail you received when you purchased the ticket to find your reservation or ticket number.

3. Confirm your reservation details.

When checking in prior to a flight, it’s always good to check to make sure the specific details of your flight have not changed. Visit the airline’s webpage and, using the flight Confirmation Number you’ve been sent, check online to make sure that you have the correct flight number and destination.

You can also check on specific details of your original reservation to confirm the date, location, and time of your flight. To do this, click on the web-page tab that says “Manage Reservation,” “My Trips,” or “My Trips/Check-In.” Each airline will have a different name for this tab, but it should be easy to locate.

4. Check your flight’s departure time.

When you’re checking in online, look to see if your flight has been delayed or canceled. This information should be easily accessible: look in the email that the airline sent you when you reserved your flight, and check the flight time. Then, enter the Confirmation Number on the airline’s website, and check that the departure and arrival times have not changed.If your flight has been substantially delayed, the airline will likely inform you through email or a text message.