How to Check Flight Reservations

Whether you book your airline tickets online, by phone, or through a travel agent, it is always a good idea to check your reservations before the day of departure. When you check your flights, you can choose your seats, purchase meals, and make requests for any special accommodations you might need. Try to verify your […]

How to Recover Lost Luggage

If your suitcase has failed to follow you to the airport, this guide will help you track down your lost luggage before it hits the auction block. Step 1: Check the other carousels Check the baggage carousels from other arriving flights. Luggage is sometimes misdirected as it is unloaded and transported. Tip Use a brightly […]

Airline Scams How to Avoid Them

Sometimes the most expensive part of planning a vacation is booking your airline ticket. And I can imagine nothing worse then preparing for your trip, only to realize that your ticket isn’t real. Here are three common airline scams, and how to avoid them. 1. Scam: Free tickets As the saying goes, “Nothing in life is […]

10 tips on how to survive long flights

These days there are direct flights half way around the world, which is great, but it means flights are longer than ever. So we’re going to share with you guys 10 tips on how to survive a flight, and maybe even enjoy it. Number 1: rest before you go. One of the simplest ways to […]

The Cheapest Day to shop for a global airplane ticket, Mapped By Destination

Pinpointing once to shop for your airplane ticket will be a serious headache. Thankfully, this map lays the foundations out brightly. Analysts at reviewed quite 351 million individual airfares sold on quite 1,000,000 international routes in 2016. They half-tracked flights from the day they went on sale (usually concerning eleven months in advance) till […]